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Welcome to the subscription-based IELTS Writing Evaluations Group.

You are just one step away from your target Writing score. Topics will be updated every day.

Saturdays are off days, which means there are no tasks on Saturdays.

There are a few rules I would like to ask you to follow to maintain the integrity of the group.

  1. Do not share the group materials outside of the group. Books here belong to the authors. Writing Samples belong to IELTS with Huyen.
  2. Daily submissions must be submitted within 24 hours from the updating time. Late submissions will not be evaluated.
  3. If you have questions, please be specific. Anyone can answer your questions and the answers will be verified by IELTS with Huyen. Please refrain from answering questions if you are not confident as it will confuse other people.
  4. Be respectful of each other. This group is ONLY FOR IELTS WRITING. No other discussions are permitted.
  5. Members who are proven to be disrespectful of others will be removed immediately without a refund.

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