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Everything IELTS Academic - A Comprehensive Guide to IELTS Academic

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  1. Paraphrasing Technique

    Paraphrasing Technique - Two Methods to Paraphrase a Sentence
    1 Quiz
  2. Reading
    Part 1: Everything IELTS Academic Reading
    3 Topics
  3. Part 2: Text Types in IELTS Academic Reading
    3 Topics
  4. Part 2: Questions Forms and Reading Rules
    2 Topics
  5. Part 4: Types of questions and Strategies
    9 Topics
  6. Part 5: Common Mistakes
    2 Topics
  7. Part 6: IELTS Academic Reading Practice Tests
  8. Listening
    Part 1: Everything IELTS Listening
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz
  9. Part 2: Detailing Questions
    3 Topics
    5 Quizzes
  10. Part 3: Summary Questions
    4 Topics
    4 Quizzes
  11. Part 4: Common Mistakes
    4 Topics
  12. Part 5: IELTS Listening Practice Tests
    10 Quizzes
  13. Writing
    Part 1: IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 - Reports
    15 Topics
  14. Part 2: IELTS Writing Task 2 - Essay
    16 Topics
    18 Quizzes
  15. Part 3: Two-task Practice Tests
    6 Quizzes
  16. Speaking
    Part 1: Introduction to IELTS Speaking
    3 Topics
  17. Part 2: A good IELTS Speaking Performance
    2 Topics
  18. Part 3: Common Mistakes in IELTS Speaking
  19. Part 4: IELTS Speaking Practice Tests
    7 Quizzes
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A good conclusion

A good conclusion must include:

  • The statement(s)
  • Your opinion (if asked)
  • The summary of the main ideas in the Body Paragraphs

Unlike the Introduction, you do not need to separate the statement(s) and your opinion. In fact, you should combine these factors into 1-2 sentences together with the summary.

The best approach for the summary is to use compound nouns and noun phrases that summarize the main ideas of the essay.

There must be NO new ideas in the Conclusion. Otherwise, your Coherence and Cohesion score will be affected.

There must be a Cohesive Device at the beginning of the Conclusion. The most common phrase is ‘in conclusion’. You can absolutely use this phrase. There is no need for diversity here. However, feel free to use other phrases if you like. In this series, I show you the easiest ways to get a good essay.


In conclusion, from my perspective, the benefits of retiring early completely surpass the drawbacks (my opinion and the statement) owing to the open availability of jobs for the younger generations. Furthermore, even though the new workers might need training at first, their proficiency in technologies will briefly close the experience gaps. (The summary)