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Practice9’s sole purpose is to help you achieve your target IELTS band score as quickly as possible. We provide free practice tests and various services to help you achieve that goal.

IELTS – The International English Language Testing System is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. The IELTS certificate is valid for 2 years from the issuance date and is accepted worldwide. You can see the list of institutions that accept IELTS as proof of English proficiency on the official website of IELTS.

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What type of IELTS do you need?

Choose the correct type of IELTS is very important because it will decide your Preparation Process later. Please note that IELTS UKVI shares the same content as the regular IELTS. The only difference is the organization of the test day.

Use the calculator below to calculate your target band score for each skill. In the boxes, put your target score and the overall band score will be calculated.

IELTS Band Score Calculator

Different skills require different approach to improve, which is why it is important for you to determine the process to achieve your target band score as soon as possible.

Everything IELTS | all skills

This is a self-study series that cover all skills in IELTS, starting from the most basic information to advanced step-by-step guide, to help you reach your target as quickly as possible. This series is suitable for both beginners and non-beginners.

This series comes with FREE IELTS Writing Sample and Common Mistakes series. Members of this series are eligible for a lot of discount privileges on Practice9.

Everything IELTS

The Self-Study Comprehensive Guide to IELTS
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IELTS Consultation Call | 1-1 Service

If self-study has been more complicated for you and you need more customized instructions as you have a lot of questions, this is the best option for you. Each call is designed according to your needs and requests. Customized study plans are also available upon your request.

IELTS Consultation Call

Clear all the doubts in your mind with a personalized 1-1 call with Huyen.
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IELTS Evaluations | Writing and Speaking

From Our Founder

Hi there, welcome to Practice9 – the one-stop platform for your IELTS Practice. Our goal is to help you achieve your target score right from the first attempt.

My name is Huyen. I have been teaching IELTS for almost 8 years. I have been studying for the IELTS exam for more than 10 years. I am the person behind IELTS with Huyen – TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and Podcast with more than 150K friends across platforms. My IELTS score is 8.5.

Here are the top 4 things about me:

  • I know a lot about IELTS and the English language (and never stop learning new things).
  • I developed a unique IELTS technique.
  • I am extremely enthusiastic about my teaching.
  • I am quite funny.
Here are the top 3 results from my students:
  • Average scores are 7.0 (Academic) and 7.5 (General Training).
  • Improved band score(s) in 2 weeks (average).
  • 100% happy.