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Everything IELTS Academic - A Comprehensive Guide to IELTS Academic

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  1. Paraphrasing Technique

    Paraphrasing Technique - Two Methods to Paraphrase a Sentence
    1 Quiz
  2. Reading
    Part 1: Everything IELTS Academic Reading
    3 Topics
  3. Part 2: Text Types in IELTS Academic Reading
    3 Topics
  4. Part 2: Questions Forms and Reading Rules
    2 Topics
  5. Part 4: Types of questions and Strategies
    9 Topics
  6. Part 5: Common Mistakes
    2 Topics
  7. Part 6: IELTS Academic Reading Practice Tests
  8. Listening
    Part 1: Everything IELTS Listening
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz
  9. Part 2: Detailing Questions
    3 Topics
    5 Quizzes
  10. Part 3: Summary Questions
    4 Topics
    4 Quizzes
  11. Part 4: Common Mistakes
    4 Topics
  12. Part 5: IELTS Listening Practice Tests
    10 Quizzes
  13. Writing
    Part 1: IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 - Reports
    15 Topics
  14. Part 2: IELTS Writing Task 2 - Essay
    16 Topics
    18 Quizzes
  15. Part 3: Two-task Practice Tests
    6 Quizzes
  16. Speaking
    Part 1: Introduction to IELTS Speaking
    3 Topics
  17. Part 2: A good IELTS Speaking Performance
    2 Topics
  18. Part 3: Common Mistakes in IELTS Speaking
  19. Part 4: IELTS Speaking Practice Tests
    7 Quizzes
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What is it?

Because IELTS General Training is primarily used for work and migration purposes, work-related texts appear frequently in the Reading exam. Job advertisements, work contracts, company policies, and other employment-related texts are examples of work-related texts. This type of text appears primarily in Part 2. There are usually clear subtitles to separate different groups of information in a work-related text.

Example of everyday texts in the IELTS General Training Reading test – Work-related Texts, Cambridge IELTS GT Book 12 Test 3

The vocabulary in work-related texts can be both general as in everyday English and field-specific.

How to deal with it?

When reading work-related texts in the IELTS General Training Reading exam, there are two key questions to answer in order to find the answers.

  • What is the main idea of this part? – The subtitles are the main ideas of the text. They help you find the information you need and save you time when answering questions. For example, if the question requires information about salary, you only need to look at the salary part of the text to find the answer.
  • What details does this part include? – The details in each part belong only to that part. For example, in the “Job Description” part, you will see only details for the duties and responsibilities of this job. You will not see salary and benefits or the process to apply for the job. When you get a question about the “Job Description”, you just need to locate the relevant part and find the information you need for the question.