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This is a series of IELTS Writing Samples that are well-written based on the standards of IELTS. Every sample comes with highlighted vocabulary and grammar with clear explanations, and quizzes based on the highlights to help you learn better.

It is important for you to remember that reading the samples and doing the quizzes only won’t help much if you don’t proactively use what you learn from the samples and quizzes in your own writing.

How to use these samples effectively.

Step 1: Analyze the task to understand what needs to be done.

Step 2: Read the Sample.

Step 4: Read the highlighted words and phrases to understand them.

Step 5: Practice writing sentences using the highlighted words/phrases and any words/phrases you find important.

All words and phrases are explained using the contexts they are in. The words and phrases may have different definitions in other contexts.


All samples are written by Huyen Nguyen.

All samples are copyrighted.

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  • Word of the day

    Regulate (verb)

    UK /ˈreɡ.jə.leɪt/ US /ˈreɡ.jə.leɪt/

    to control something, especially by making it work in a particular way:
    • You can regulate the temperature in the house by adjusting the thermostat.
    • [ + question word ] Her mother strictly regulates how much TV she can watch.