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IELTSwithHuyen · June 3, 2024

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Writing Challenge Week 17 June '24 - 22 June '24

Submit before 23h00, 22 June 2024.

You can submit both task 1 and task 2 or either of them.

Writing Challenge submission closed. Please wait for the next challenge.

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    UK /əˈdʒuː.dɪ.keɪt/     US /əˈdʒuː.də.keɪt/
    • to act as judge in a competition or argument, or to make a formal decision about something:
    • He was asked to adjudicate on the dispute.
    • He was called in to adjudicate a local land dispute.
    • [ + two objects ] The game was adjudicated a win for Black.

    (Noun: Adjudication)