Everything IELTS w/ Speaking Evaluations

Hey there,

Does it sound like you?

You are a fluent English speaker and you don’t have any issues with speaking in English but you don’t know why you haven’t got the IELTS Speaking band score that you need.


Or is it you?

You think you make a lot of mistakes in your IELTS Speaking practice but you don’t know what they are and how to fix them. At the same time, you are also worried about other skills in the IELTS exam.


If you can relate, you’ve come to the right place!


This is the one-stop package designed to help you ace your IELTS Speaking exam and also take care of your other IELTS Skills at the same time. You won’t need anything else!

What is included?

26 tests and unlimited retaking access

26 evaluations with detailed corrections and analysis

Detailed suggestions for improvements

Estimated band score

Validity: 3 months

Follow-up questions

Worth $619

Now only $155

What do the evaluations look like?

Sounds good? It gets even better! You will also get these exclusive add-ons worth $412 100% free!

Everything IELTS - The Comprehensive Guide to IELTS

The exclusive most comprehensive guide with a huge collection of topics and quizzes that cover all 4 IELTS Skills (L-R-W-S).

Everything IELTS - The Most Common Mistakes

A series of the most common pronunciation based on different languages, grammar, and vocabulary mistakes with quizzes.

Everything IELTS -
Writing Samples with quizzes

Well-written IELTS Writing Samples with highlighted vocabulary and grammar as well as quizzes to help you learn more effectively.


And enjoy these benefits for the entire 3 months!

Unlimited 10% discount on
Consultation Call

Unlimited 10% discounts on personalized and customized video calls to help you understand the exam better, hence better scores.

Unlimited 10% discount on
Speaking Evaluations

Enjoy an unlimited 10% discount on exam-like IELTS Speaking Evaluations to enhance your IELTS Speaking score.

10% discount on
4-Skill Mock Tests

Enjoy 10% discount on TWO 4-skills mock tests that are conducted exactly like the actual exam with exclusive tests.

Exclusive IELTS
Interactive Group

Join an exclusive community of IELTS learners from all over the world to learn from others, and find serious learning partners.

Daily tips, tricks, and reminders

You get daily additional tips, tricks, and reminders within the Interactive Group regarding all aspects of the IELTS exam.

Priority Support

Your questions are prioritized and are answered within 12 hours maximum.

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About IELTS with Huyen and Practice9

Huyen is the Founder of Practice9 and an IELTS Trainer with 10 years of experience. Huyen believes in effective training for IELTS because, according to her, life is too short to be bothered so much by IELTS.

Huyen has taken IELTS several times and she successfully got 8.5 overall. With a strong foundation of the English language and IELTS, as well as the unwavering passion about teaching, Huyen has trained 1500+ clients in the past 10 years, with 80% of them getting band 7.0 and above. Huyen’s method has been proven to be effective by herself and her clients.

You can connect with Huyen via her social media platforms.


You will get a total of 26 tests.

You will either get a written report or a video evaluation.

You will get 26 evaluations.

The package lasts 3 months from the date of a successful payment.

No. The packages are non-refundable.

You will get access to all the free add-ons for 3 months from the date of a successful payment.

The writing samples come with the tasks. After you’ve finished the daily tasks, you will see the samples of those tasks.

Moreover, there are more samples with highlighted grammar and vocabulary, as well as quizzes in the free add-on Everything IELTS – Writing Samples.

No. All materials and samples are copyrighted. Sharing them with others is a violation of copyright, which will result in immediate removal from the group without a refund.

Your answers are private and they can be viewed by you and me only. 

In case of uncomfortable behaviors, you can block the user(s) and inform us. If the behaviors violate the rules, the user(s) will be removed immediately without a refund.

The discount codes will be shared with you upon your request after a successful payment.

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