This vocabulary list is for reference only. Your Lexical Resources scores are calculated based on the overall level of vocabulary used in your writing and speaking answers. To improve your Lexical Resource scores, it is necessary that you improve your overall level of vocabulary.

However, skillfully incorporating these words in your writing and speaking answers together with a good vocabulary level will increase the chance of enhanced Lexical Recourse scores.

Word/PhraseTypeDefinitionExample in IELTS Standards
PedagogyNounThe method and practice of teachingEffective pedagogy is crucial for student engagement.
Academic AchievementNoun PhraseSuccessful performance in educational activitiesThe school celebrates outstanding academic achievement.
Lifelong LearningNoun PhraseContinuous learning throughout one’s lifeLifelong learning is essential for personal development.
CurriculumNounThe subjects comprising a course of studyThe school is updating its curriculum to meet new standards.
E-LearningNounLearning conducted via electronic mediaE-learning platforms have become popular in recent years.
LiteracyNounThe ability to read and write proficientlyImproving literacy rates is a key goal in many countries.
ScholarshipNounFinancial aid to support educationMany students rely on scholarships to fund their studies.
Extracurricular ActivitiesNoun PhraseActivities outside the regular academic curriculumParticipation in extracurricular activities is encouraged.
PlagiarismNounUsing someone else’s work without proper attributionUniversities have strict policies against plagiarism.
Distance LearningNoun PhraseEducation delivered remotely, often onlineDistance learning has become more prevalent with technology.