Everything IELTS Academic – A Comprehensive Guide to IELTS Academic

IELTSwithHuyen · December 11, 2023

Everything IELTS General Training – A Comprehensive Guide to IELTS General Training


I have been dreaming that one day my teaching would go out there and change someone’s learning process. And that day has come. You are holding it in your hands. (Most likely figuratively – haha)

When I started my IELTS journey almost 10 years ago, I struggled to find a good book or any material that explained everything to me. When I found some good books, there were too many complicated words that I did not understand. And, some books felt…boring because there was no interaction between me and the author. (Obviously, but it still felt like “I don’t care” to me)

That is why I promise you that in my books and courses, you will not find a complicated word that is not explained. And you will not feel “alone”. Each part is a lesson in which I talk, I explain, and I interact with you as if we are in class together. You will not be a “candidate”. You will be you.

I put 10 years of learning and 8 years of teaching into this course. I take every concern, question, and struggle that my clients and I have been through and put them into words. I answer all the possible questions.

“Everything IELTS” is written to help you achieve your IELTS target scores in the first attempt and within the shortest amount of time. To use this computerized series of books, you need to:

  • Be able to read and understand texts written in English
  • Have a strong foundation in the English language

As you are reading this line, I believe you meet all the requirements.

Together, we will nail the IELTS exam.

How to use this guide

There 4 separate parts in this guide, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. You can start with any of the skills or focus on the skills you need. There are no limits on how many times you can view each part as long as you are subscribed. You can redo the exercises as many times as you wish.

Each part is organized in a logical way, from basic information to advanced tips and tricks. All parts are equipped with rich information, step-by-step strategies, common mistakes and how to avoid them, and practice tests.

This guide is designed for both beginners and non-beginners. If you are a beginner, you should start from the beginning. If you are not a beginner, based on what you would like to strengthen, choose the parts you need to review. When doing practice tests, if you find any struggles, you can go back to the related parts for revision. All the answers are explained in detail.

Recognize different types of questions

Practicing techniques

Step-by-step question-solving strategies

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

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