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Vocabulary list

1. Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Balanced dietNoun phraseDiet that includes a variety of foods in appropriate proportionsA balanced diet is essential for overall health.
ExerciseNoun/VerbPhysical activity for health and fitnessRegular exercise helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.
HydrationNounMaintenance of adequate fluid levels in the bodyHydration is crucial for proper bodily functions.
Nutrient-richAdjectiveFoods containing a high level of nutrientsDark leafy greens are nutrient-rich and beneficial for health.
Physical activityNoun phraseBodily movement for health and well-beingIncorporating physical activity into daily life promotes health.
Sleep hygieneNoun phrasePractices that promote healthy sleep habitsGood sleep hygiene includes a regular sleep schedule.
Stress managementNoun phraseTechniques for coping with stressMeditation and exercise are effective stress management techniques.

2. Healthcare Systems and Access to Medical Services

Affordable healthcareNoun phraseHealthcare that is reasonably priced and accessibleAccess to affordable healthcare is a fundamental right.
Health insuranceNoun phraseCoverage for medical expensesMany employers offer health insurance as a benefit.
Primary careNoun phraseBasic healthcare services provided by family doctorsPrimary care physicians play a crucial role in preventive health.
SpecialistNounHealthcare professional with expertise in a specific areaPatients may be referred to a specialist for further evaluation.
TelemedicineNounRemote healthcare services provided through technologyTelemedicine allows patients to consult doctors online.
Universal healthcareNoun phraseHealthcare system that provides coverage to all citizensSome countries have implemented universal healthcare systems.

3. Mental Health Awareness

Coping mechanismsNoun phraseStrategies for dealing with stress and adversityEngaging in hobbies can be a healthy coping mechanism.
Mental health stigmaNoun phraseNegative attitudes and beliefs surrounding mental healthBreaking the mental health stigma is essential for promoting well-being.
Self-careNounActivities undertaken to maintain mental and physical healthPracticing self-care can improve overall well-being.
TherapyNounTreatment for mental health issuesCognitive-behavioral therapy is an effective treatment for anxiety.
Well-beingNounState of being comfortable, healthy, and happyPrioritizing well-being is crucial for overall quality of life.

Idioms for Speaking

These are idioms and phrases that use topic-related figures of speech. They can also be used in different contexts.

A clean bill of healthA report or assurance that someone is in good health.“After the medical check-up, the doctor gave him a clean bill of health.”
A picture of healthA person who looks extremely healthy.“Despite his age, the marathon runner is still a picture of health.”
Break a sweatTo engage in physical activity or exercise that causes sweating.“It’s important to break a sweat regularly to maintain cardiovascular health.”
Catch one’s breathTo take a moment to rest and breathe after physical exertion.“After running up the stairs, I needed a moment to catch my breath.”
Fit as a fiddleIn very good physical condition.“After months of training, he felt fit as a fiddle and ready for the marathon.”
Go under the knifeTo undergo surgery or a medical procedure.“She had to go under the knife to address a persistent health issue.”
Gut feelingAn instinctive feeling or intuition, especially about health.“His gut feeling told him that something wasn’t right with his health.”
Hit the gymTo go to the gym for exercise or a workout.“I hit the gym every morning to stay in shape and maintain good health.”
In the pinkIn good health and excellent condition.“Despite her age, she’s still in the pink and leads an active lifestyle.”
Jump on the bandwagonTo adopt a popular trend or activity.“Many people are jumping on the bandwagon of healthier eating habits.”
Let one’s hair downTo relax and enjoy oneself after a period of intense activity.“After the stressful week, she decided to let her hair down and unwind.”
Mind over matterThe power of the mind to influence and overcome physical challenges.“In some cases, overcoming illness requires a strong mind over matter.”
On the mendIn the process of recovering from an illness or injury.“Thanks to proper treatment, he’s on the mend and should be back to work soon.”
Out of shapeIn poor physical condition, lacking fitness.“After months of a sedentary lifestyle, I realized I was out of shape.”
Run in the familyTo have a particular trait or health condition that is common among family members.“High cholesterol seems to run in the family, so it’s important to monitor it.”
Take one’s pulseTo check one’s heart rate by feeling the pulse.“After the workout, she took her pulse to see how her heart rate had changed.”
Under the weatherFeeling unwell or not in good health.“I won’t be able to attend the meeting; I’m feeling a bit under the weather.”
Up and aboutFully recovered and active after an illness or injury.“After a week of rest, he’s up and about, back to his regular activities.”
Wear and tearDamage or deterioration caused by normal use or aging.“As we age, our joints experience wear and tear, leading to certain health issues.”
Work one’s fingers to the boneTo work extremely hard and diligently.“She worked her fingers to the bone to meet the project deadline.”

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