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Vocabulary list

1. The Impact of Technology on Daily Life

AutomationNounThe use of technology to perform tasksAutomation has increased productivity in many industries.
DigitalizationNounConversion of data into digital formatDigitalization has transformed the way we access information.
DependencyNounRelying on technology for daily activitiesOur dependency on smartphones is undeniable.
ConnectivityNounThe state of being connectedThe internet has provided unparalleled connectivity.
ConvenienceNounEase of use or accessOnline shopping offers unparalleled convenience.
Screen timeNoun phraseTime spent in front of electronic screensChildren today spend too much time on screen time.
AdaptVerbTo adjust to new circumstances or conditionsWe need to adapt to the rapid pace of technological change.
IntegrateVerbTo combine or blend into a unified wholeSmart home devices integrate seamlessly with our lives.
StreamlineVerbTo simplify or make more efficientTechnology helps streamline many administrative tasks.
RevolutionizeVerbTo completely change the way things are doneMobile phones have revolutionized communication.
Digital divideNoun phraseThe gap between those who have access to technology and those who do notBridging the digital divide is crucial for social equity.

2. Internet and Social Media

CybersecurityNounProtection against unauthorized accessCybersecurity is essential to safeguard personal data.
Privacy settingsNoun phraseControls to manage access to personal informationAdjust your privacy settings to protect your data.
Viral contentNoun phraseOnline material that spreads rapidlyThe video went viral on social media platforms.
Online CommunityNoun phraseGroup of people connected via the internetShe found support in an online community of writers.
InfluencerNounPerson with the ability to influence othersMany brands collaborate with social media influencers.
TrendingAdjectivePopular or widely discussedThe hashtag was trending on Twitter all day.
EngageVerbTo participate or interactBrands aim to engage with their customers on social media.
ShareVerbTo distribute or exchangeUsers can share content with friends and followers.
Filter bubbleNoun phraseState of being isolated from diverse perspectivesBeware of living in a filter bubble on social media.
Digital footprintNoun phraseTraces of online activity left behindYour digital footprint can impact your online reputation.

3. Technological Advancements and Their Effects on Work

Remote workNoun phraseWorking from a location other than the officeMany companies offer remote work options to employees.
Collaboration toolsNoun phraseSoftware facilitating group workZoom and Slack are popular collaboration tools.
Gig economyNoun phraseWorkforce characterized by short-term contracts and freelance workMany freelancers thrive in the gig economy.
Artificial intelligenceNoun phraseSimulation of human intelligence processesArtificial intelligence is revolutionizing various industries.
TelecommutingNounA workforce characterized by short-term contracts and freelance workTelecommuting reduces the need for physical office space.
SkillsetNounCombination of skills possessed by an individualDeveloping a diverse skillset is essential for the future of work.
Work-life balanceNoun phraseEquilibrium between work and personal lifeAchieving work-life balance is important for well-being.
Digital nomadNoun phrasePerson who works remotely while travelingMany digital nomads explore the world while working remotely.
AutomationNounThe use of technology to perform tasksAutomation has transformed many aspects of the workplace.
FlexibilityNounAbility to adapt to changing circumstancesRemote work offers flexibility in scheduling and location.

Idioms for Speaking

A byte out of the cherryTo achieve a small success or gain a bit of knowledge from an experience.“Attending that tech workshop was like getting a byte out of the cherry; I learned a useful coding technique.”
A glitch in the systemA minor malfunction or error in a system or process.“There was a glitch in the system, so I couldn’t access my files temporarily.”
A whole new ball gameA completely new and different situation or set of circumstances.“With the latest software update, it’s a whole new ball game in terms of functionality.”
Crash and burnTo fail spectacularly or experience a sudden and complete failure.“The new software release had so many bugs that it caused the system to crash and burn.”
Cutting-edge technologyThe most advanced or innovative technology available.“Their company is known for using cutting-edge technology in their products.”
Digital footprintThe traces or records of a person’s online activities and presence.“Be mindful of your digital footprint; employers often check social media profiles.”
Down to the wireTo be extremely close to a deadline or endpoint.“We’re down to the wire with the project deadline; we need to finish it by tomorrow.”
Get into the grooveTo become familiar with and comfortable using a new technology or system.“It took a while, but I finally got into the groove with the new software interface.”
Hit the reset buttonTo start over or reset a situation or process.“After the technical issues, we decided to hit the reset button and try a different approach.”
In the loopTo be informed and kept up-to-date about a particular situation or topic.“I need to be in the loop about the upcoming software updates.”
In the pipelineCurrently being developed or prepared for future release.“There are some exciting projects in the pipeline for the next quarter.”
Iron out the kinksTo resolve or fix problems or difficulties in a system or process.“The development team is working hard to iron out the kinks in the new application.”
Jump on the bandwagonTo adopt or support a popular trend or activity.“Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon of using artificial intelligence in their operations.”
Off the gridNot connected to the internet or other computer networks.“While camping, I enjoy being off the grid and disconnecting from technology.”
At the cutting edgeAt the forefront of technological innovation; very modern.“Their research facility is at the cutting edge of robotics technology.”
Plug and playReferring to a device or system that is easy to set up and use.“The new printer is plug and play; you can start using it right out of the box.”
Silicon Valley mindsetA mindset that embraces innovation, risk-taking, and entrepreneurial spirit.“In the tech industry, having a Silicon Valley mindset can lead to groundbreaking ideas.”
Tech-savvyKnowledgeable and proficient in the use of technology.“Employers often seek tech-savvy individuals who can adapt to new tools and software.”
The elephant in the roomA large and obvious problem or issue that everyone is ignoring.“The security breach was the elephant in the room during the IT department meeting.”

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